Top 5 Influencers for Architecture Students to Follow

Carmen Polanco Lugo

October 25, 2023

In the dynamic and ever-evolving field of architecture, staying informed and inspired is crucial for students aspiring to become successful architects. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is by following influential figures who are shaping the architectural world with their innovative designs, groundbreaking concepts, and commitment to sustainability. In this article, we will explore the top five influencers that architecture students should follow to broaden their horizons and gain insights into the world of architecture.

Frank Gehry – The Architectural Maverick

When discussing influential figures in architecture, Frank Gehry’s name is bound to surface. His work is nothing short of awe-inspiring, known for its distinctive and unconventional designs. Gehry’s architecture challenges the status quo and continually pushes the boundaries of what is possible in the field. For students, following Frank Gehry provides an opportunity to witness the thought process of a true visionary. His projects, like the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao and the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, showcase his unique style, which combines art and architecture seamlessly. Gehry’s work teaches students that there are no limits when it comes to architectural creativity.

Shigeru Ban – The Pioneering Environmental Architect

For architecture students passionate about sustainability and eco-friendly design, Shigeru Ban is an essential influencer to follow. Ban is renowned for his innovative use of materials, particularly paper and cardboard, in temporary and permanent structures. His “Paper Tube Structures” have been used in disaster relief efforts and are the epitome of sustainable architecture. Following Shigeru Ban helps students understand that architecture can be a force for good, solving real-world problems like shelter for disaster victims while being environmentally responsible. Ban’s work reflects a deep commitment to the idea that architecture should serve both the people and the planet.

Bjarke Ingels – The Visionary Designer

Bjarke Ingels, a Danish architect, is another prominent figure in contemporary architecture. His approach is characterized by merging sustainable design principles with innovative solutions. Following Ingels on social media or reading his work provides architecture students with a firsthand look at how sustainability can be integrated into architectural design. His projects like the “Amager Resource Center” in Copenhagen and “The Twist” in Norway showcase his commitment to environmental consciousness without compromising on aesthetics. By following Bjarke Ingels, students gain insights into the intersection of design and environmental responsibility, making them well-rounded architects.

Zaha Hadid – The Queen of Fluid Design

Zaha Hadid’s influence on the world of architecture is immeasurable. Her avant-garde designs are characterized by bold, fluid lines that challenge traditional architectural norms. Hadid’s work is a testament to the power of architectural innovation. Students following her can witness the impact of fearless creativity in urban planning. Projects like the Heydar Aliyev Center in Baku, Azerbaijan, and the Guangzhou Opera House in China are testaments to her boundary-pushing designs. By following Zaha Hadid, students can learn to embrace innovative concepts and think beyond the conventional while exploring urban planning.

Dezeen – The Architecture and Design Media Platform

Dezeen is a leading online architecture and design platform that serves as a vital resource for students looking to stay updated. On the latest trends, innovations, and architectural news. Following Dezeen on social media or subscribing to their website ensures students. Well-informed about current events and developments in the architectural world. It also connects them to a vast network of professionals, architects, and design enthusiasts. By engaging with Dezeen, students can immerse themselves in the global architectural community. Which is essential for networking, job opportunities, and staying ahead in the field.

The world of architecture is a vibrant and ever-evolving domain with countless opportunities for aspiring students. By following these top influencers, architecture students can nurture their architectural mindset, explore design excellence, embrace sustainability, delve into innovative concepts, and connect with the global architectural community. Whether it’s learning from the unconventional designs of Frank Gehry, the sustainability focus of Shigeru Ban, or the boundary-pushing creations of Zaha Hadid, these influencers provide a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. Additionally, platforms like Dezeen serve as indispensable resources for staying informed and connected within the architectural community. Ultimately, following these influencers will enrich the educational journey of architecture students, preparing them to become the architects of the future.